Instructions for an Air Bumper Jack?

Answer A bumper jack raises a vehicle in either the front or rear to gain access to the parts underneath for repairs. An air bumper jack is a bottle design that uses air pressure to raise and lower the ja... Read More »

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How to Use an Air Bumper Jack?

Air bumper jacks are hydraulic automotive jacks that use air pressure to lift your vehicle off of the ground just enough to fit under it and perform car repairs. Hydraulic automotive jacks can be u... Read More »

How to Mount a Hi-Lift Jack on a Bumper?

The Hi-Lift company makes a lever controlled jack that can be mounted on the bumper of a suitably sturdy vehicle. These jacks can lift objects up by up to 40 inches and can help you avoid being str... Read More »

Instructions on How to Paint a Bumper Car?

Bumper cars are a common attraction in amusements parks, fairs and carnivals. The mini-collisions the cars withstand make it integral for the cars to be built with durable materials. Fiberglass is ... Read More »

Instructions on Bumper Repair?

Dents and visible damage can lower the value of your car significantly. With the right tools and a little bit of time you can make a dented up bumper look brand new. In most cases you can fix bumpe... Read More »