Instructions for a ZIP System Tape Gun?

Answer The ZIP roofing system consists of a structural wood panel with a built-in moisture barrier. The added moisture barrier eliminates the need to secure felt paper to the installed wooden panel. Each ... Read More »

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Cassette Tape Cleaning System Instructions?

Before throwing that old cassette tape away because it is not working properly, try instead to clean it. When cleaning a tape, practice care and patience, as it is a lengthy process. Correctly clea... Read More »

Kinesiology Tape Instructions for the Hip?

Kinesiology, or kinesio, taping is a form of sports taping that encourages the lymphatic and circulatory systems to flow and work efficiently through the specific placement of strips of tape, thus ... Read More »

Travan Cleaning Tape Instructions?

Travan storage drives, which are available as internal or external personal computer auxiliary drives, use their built-in recording heads to record computer data on Travan tape cartridges. The proc... Read More »

Instructions for Duct Tape Crafts?

Since the invention of duct tape during World War II, people have been securing and repairing everything from window blinds to appliances with the sticky substance. Sportsmen, campers, gardeners an... Read More »