Instructions for a Ruffle Foot on a Sewing Machine?

Answer You can sew ruffles into fabric by hand or with a regular sewing machine foot, but this can be a painstaking process compared to the ease of using a ruffler attachment. A ruffler attachment uses a ... Read More »

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What is a sewing machine walking foot?

A walking foot is an attachment for a sewing machine that helps feed the layers being sewn under the needle consistently and evenly.ConsiderationsWithout a walking foot, layers will shift while bei... Read More »

Who invented the foot-powered treadle sewing machine?

According to the Museum of American Heritage, Barthelemy Thimonnier received his patent in 1830 for a sewing machine that had a flexible arm and foot treadle. Isaac M. Singer improved the device in... Read More »

Where can I find an Elna sewing machine foot pedal?

I recommend for any sewing machine related parts the following website. on personal experience selection, service, communication and shi... Read More »

Instructions for How to Oil a Sewing Machine?

Sewing machines are made up of many mechanical parts that need to move smoothly in order to work properly. Dust, material particles and thread can fall into your sewing machine and create problems ... Read More »