Instructions for a PVC Compression Coupling?

Answer PVC compression couplings are the easiest way to join iron, steel, copper and plastic pipes together. They satisfy most plumbing code requirements. They install in seconds. These couplings hold wat... Read More »

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What Is SAE Coupling?

In the aerospace and automotive industries, couplings are used as connections between two mechanisms. Couplings are found in all types of motorized devices and are held to industry standard. The So... Read More »

What is an ntp coupling?

A coupling connects two lengths or sections of pipe. A NTP, or National Pipe Taper, coupling is a general-purpose pipe coupling. It has a tapered thread, with a defined number of threads per inch t... Read More »

Coupling Types?

Couplings are used in many machines to link two in-line shafts together and transfer the motion from one to another, typically causing both to rotate or move at the same speed. They can commonly be... Read More »

What does bore diameter mean on a coupling?

Bore diameter is a measurement across the inside edge of the opening on any sort of coupling. The measurement, depending on the type of bore, may or may not be standard throughout the coupling, but... Read More »