Instructions for a Maasdam Power Pull?

Answer The Maasdam Power Pull moves heavy weights without using expensive hydraulics or power winches. The Power Pull device, also called a come-along or a manual winch, is a necessary tool for four-wheel... Read More »

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Instructions for Pull-Up Bars?

Pull-ups are a demanding form of dynamic exercise that work the muscles of the latissimus dorsi, posterior deltoid, pectoralis major, rhomboids, elbow flexors and portions of the trapezius. Before ... Read More »

Instructions for Pull Tab Crochet?

Pull tabs from the tops of soda and energy drink cans to make funky crocheted accessories and decor items. You won't need too many supplies and your ability to come up with designs is limited only ... Read More »

How to Pull the Power Steering Pump?

Without a power steering pump, your vehicle would be nearly impossible to turn, especially at low speeds in tight maneuvering situations. Driven by a belt and pulley, the power steering pump uses h... Read More »

How to Pull the "Flour Power" Prank?

This is a prank that is very funny for you, but not the victim. Its pretty messy for them. Make sure they're not going to a funeral/funeral home.