Instructions for a 2Wire Router?

Answer 2Wire routers are frequently used to connect to DSL Internet service providers such as AT&T and Qwest. Setting up a 2Wire router to work with the Internet involves configuring some of its advanced ... Read More »

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Instructions on How to Hook Up a Router to 2Wire?

While a 2Wire modem is required to connect to your DSL service, a router is essential in order to provide multi-user access to your modem in your home or office. The modem by itself does not have a... Read More »

How to Set Up an AT&T 2Wire Router?

The AT&T 2Wire Router offers subscribers to AT&T's DSL service the ability to connect to the Internet wirelessly or through the use of Ethernet cables. The AT&T 2Wire Router is a book-sized electro... Read More »

How to Change a 2Wire Router's WEP Key?

Your 2Wire wireless router allows you to create a wireless home network that enables untethered Internet access. To protect against unauthorized users leeching your Internet bandwidth, the 2Wire ro... Read More »

How to Access Your 2Wire Router?

2Wire routers and modems don't use software installed on a computer in order to make changes. Instead, the 2Wire devices have a Web-based configuration utility that's hosted on the router or modem ... Read More »