Instructions for Using a Cutting Torch?

Answer An oxy-acetalyne torch, usually referred to as an "acetalyne torch" or "cutting torch," uses an accelerated blend of fuel and oxygen to cut through various types of metals such as steel or lead. Un... Read More »

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How to Use a Cutting Torch?

Cutting 3/8 mild steel angle with a torch.An oxygen/acetylene torch is a dangerous cutting system, but with precautions and practice, you can use it to cut steel to size and shape. To use a cutting... Read More »

How do I use a cutting torch?

Assembling the Components of the Cutting TorchConnect the regulators to the oxygen and acetylene bottles. Turn the nuts of each regulator clockwise with an adjustable wrench to tighten and seal the... Read More »

How to Handle a Cutting Torch?

Cutting torches are used in a variety of vocations from the building trades to car repair and steel mills to scrap yards. A cutting torch is simply a cutting torch head mounted on oxy-acetylene wel... Read More »

What Is an Acetylene Cutting Torch?

An acetylene cutting torch is a device using high levels of concentrated heat and oxygen to cut steel. This type of tool is also called an oxy-fuel or oxygas torch because it combines acetylene and... Read More »