Instructions for Using a Corn Heating Pad?

Answer Corn-filled heating pads (sometimes referred to as corn bags) are a natural alternative to water bottles and electric heating pads. With a corn-filled heating pad, there's no danger of water spilli... Read More »

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Indian Corn Weaving Instructions?

After harvesting corn, Native Americans folded the husks away from the ears and braided them to form long ropes with hanging ears. Suspended by the husk ropes until dry, the corn was then removed a... Read More »

Instructions for Making Corn Husk Dolls?

A long-standing tradition of both Native and Colonial America is the corn husk doll. The doll was originally crafted as an offering of brotherhood and contentment from the Native American Iroquois ... Read More »

Scholl Corn Remover Pads Instructions?

Corns can be a painful and unsightly problem for many people. They are commonly caused by tight fitting shoes and foot deformities, like hammer toes, which cause excessive rubbing. Scholl's corn re... Read More »

Have you ever burned a hole in your boxer shorts by using heating pad?

No... Sorry. Mine are all friction burns.