Instructions for Under-Car Neon Lights?

Answer In many futuristic films and television shows, vehicles are depicted with neon lights beneath their lower body panels. While these lights present a futuristic look, they are actually available now.... Read More »

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Are neon lights under a car legal?

The express legality of having neon lights installed on the undercarriage of your vehicle varies from state to state. Some states, such as Oklahoma, explicitly forbid them, while other states simpl... Read More »

How to Install Neon Lights Under a Car?

Neon lights have always attracted attention. Now there are options to place neon lighting on a car's undercarriage. Unlike the iconic signs that used to be in front of buildings, the neon lighting ... Read More »

Is it prohibited to have neon lights under the car?

Having neon lights underneath a car is not legal in all states or jurisdictions. Before adding neon lights underneath your car, make sure to check with the Department of Motor Vehicles and law enfo... Read More »

Where are under car neon lights illegal?

According to Find Law, this depends on your local traffic laws. However, most jurisdictions do not allow neon lights under a car, especially blue and red. If pulled over for this reason, some state... Read More »