Instructions for Replacing a Car Remote?

Answer If you lose your car remote, finding a replacement is relatively easy to do. While you may need to wait for a replacement to be shipped to a dealer, where it will be synched to your vehicle, you ma... Read More »

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Instructions on Replacing a PCV Valve?

The PCV valve's job is to relieve the internal pressure in the engine caused by a percentage of burnt gases escaping past the piston rings and entering the oil pan. No engine can be built to such t... Read More »

DIY Instructions for Replacing Car Headlights?

New cars sold in North America since the mid 1980s use a headlight assembly made from high impact plastic that can withstand the rigors of everyday driving. A replaceable halogen bulb is mounted wi... Read More »

Instructions for Replacing Struts?

A vehicle's struts are an important aspect of the suspension, providing a comfortable ride as well as ensuring the vehicle handles confidently and safely. Replacing struts is more involved than re... Read More »

Instructions for Replacing CV Boots?

Checking the CV boots on your car or truck should be something that you do every time you raise the vehicle. The CV boots are the rubber, accordion-like covers that enclose the CV joints. Inspect t... Read More »