Instructions for Replacing a 2003 Ford Ranger Water Pump?

Answer The water pump forces coolant into the cooling system of your 2003 Ford Ranger. If it's going bad, the water pump may start to rumble, leak coolant and eventually cause the cooling system to fail. ... Read More »

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2003 Ford Taurus Water Pump Instructions?

The water pump on the 2003 Ford Taurus is an integral part of the engine cooling system. The water pump pulls coolant from the radiator and delivers it to the engine. When it fails, your engine is ... Read More »

Replacing the Fuel Pump in a 1993 Ford Ranger?

A bad fuel pump in a Ford Ranger truck will cause major problems with the fuel system. It should be replaced immediately. Replacing the fuel pump is not an easy task, however. It is directly connec... Read More »

Ford Ranger 2003 Oil Change Instructions?

Changing the oil in a Ford Ranger is the same process from one Ford Ranger to another. The Ford Ranger is high enough off of the ground that you will not need to use a jack to lift the front end of... Read More »

Instructions for Replacing a 1990 Subaru Legacy Water Pump?

Replacing the water pump is significantly different on the 1990 Subaru Legacy from most other cars. There are additional steps, such as draining the motor oil. Be sure that the water pump is actual... Read More »