Instructions for Replacing Shock Absorbers on Light Trucks?

Answer Replacing shock absorbers on light trucks is a fairly straightforward task. Properly functioning shock absorbers keep the wheel in contact with the road, no matter how imperfect the road surface. O... Read More »

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How to Tell If Shock Absorbers Need Replacing?

Shock absorbers consist of two metal tubes, attached by a thin piston. The piston rides inside one of the tubes and cushions the blow from the road surface on the car by transferring that force to ... Read More »

Guide to Replacing Shock Absorbers?

Your car's shock absorbers (or struts) would typically make up a part of assemblies you must remove when replacing them. The procedure requires the use of a spring compressor, a vise and normal han... Read More »

Replacing Shock Absorbers on MG Midget?

The MG Midget was derived from the Austin Healey Sprite, and was produced from 1961 to 1979. The Midget uses lever action shocks on all four wheels. These shocks work by transferring hydraulic flui... Read More »

Replacing Jeep Cherokee Shock Absorbers?

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