Instructions for Removal & Installation of a Headlight Assembly on a 1993 Accord?

Answer The Honda Accord has a reputation for comfort and reliability; the 1993 model year was no exception. One of the best selling cars in the U.S., it has remained a popular choice since it was first in... Read More »

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1992 Ford F-250 Headlight Assembly Removal Instructions?

The 1992 Ford F-250 is a full size pick-up truck with a large eight-cylinder engine installed. Removing the headlight assembly on the 1992 Ford F-250 is time-consuming and somewhat difficult. The s... Read More »

How to Replace a 1993 Ford F-150 Headlight Assembly?

If the headlight assembly on your 1993 Ford F-150 is broken or damaged, you should replace it. Fortunately, the job is simple and straightforward. Unlike many vehicles, the 1993 Ford F-150 features... Read More »

Headlight Assembly Installation?

You may decide to replace a vehicle's headlight assembly when the lens is damaged, or the cost of replacing headlights or wiring outweighs the cost of replacing the entire assembly. Fortunately, by... Read More »

How to Replace the Headlight Assembly on a 2000 Accord?

The headlight assembly for a 2000 Accord houses the front headlights and turning signal lights. The 2000 Accord, unlike some vehicles, does not require you to change the assembly in order to replac... Read More »