Instructions for Manifold Gauges?

Answer Manifold gauges display the pressure on both the low and high-pressure sides of an air conditioning system. This tool determines if there is enough or too much refrigerant in a system. Either of th... Read More »

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How to Use A/C Manifold Gauges?

An A/C system in your car that is blowing hot air instead of cold air is major inconvenience. Pinpointing the possible cause of the A/C malfunction requires the use of an A/C manifold gauge and som... Read More »

Tips for AC Manifold Gauges?

Making sure that the air conditioning system in your vehicle is working properly is just as important as ensuring that the air conditioner in your home is working. If you notice that it is not work... Read More »

How to Use 134A Manifold Gauges for an A/C?

Recharge your own A/C system by purchasing a 134A recharge kit from an auto-parts store for your vehicle. 134A recharge kits will fit any vehicle manufactured for that specific refrigerant due to s... Read More »

Instructions for the Intake Manifold Gasket?

Car engines inhale the fuel air mixture from the carburetor through the intake manifold. The joint where the intake manifold and the cylinder head join is sealed with a gasket. The gasket has to h... Read More »