Instructions for Making a Weathervane?

Answer A weather vane measures the direction of the blowing wind. Because wind can come from anywhere, a weather vane must be free to move 360 degrees. The arrow on a weather vane features both a tip and ... Read More »

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Instructions on Bow Making?

Making a pretty bow intimidates many gift givers. Learning how to create a proper bow, however, transforms wreaths, gifts and many crafts into works of art. Take your time and learn the basics of b... Read More »

Instructions on Wig Making?

People wear wigs for a variety of reasons. Some want to achieve the look they want despite the limitation of present hair length, color or texture. Some need a wig to cope up with hair loss due to ... Read More »

Kilt Making Instructions?

The great kilt, or the feile mor, was a garment that was worn in the Scottish highlands from the 1500s until it was banned in the Act of 1746. Unlike the formal kilt, which is worn today, the great... Read More »

Instructions for Making a Box Trap?

If you'd like to be able to catch animals in the wild, you can make a simple wooden box trap using materials you may have around the house. A box trap works by attaching a bait to a trigger string ... Read More »