Instructions for Making Corn Husk Dolls?

Answer A long-standing tradition of both Native and Colonial America is the corn husk doll. The doll was originally crafted as an offering of brotherhood and contentment from the Native American Iroquois ... Read More »

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What Is the Origin of Corn Husk Dolls?

Corn husk dolls originated with the Northeastern Native Americans over a thousand years ago, when corn agriculture began. The dolls were made as toys from the brittle corn husks. Girls adorned thei... Read More »

Instructions For Making Reborn Dolls?

Doll enthusiasts everywhere truly take pleasure making Reborn dolls because the completed dolls transpire into amazing works of art. The dolls feel and look remarkably real, they have actually fool... Read More »

How to BBQ Corn on the Cob in the Husk?

Summer barbecues aren't just for burgers, steaks and hot dogs. Prepare your entire meal on the grill, including your vegetable side dish. Barbecuing steams the corn in its own husk, trapping in its... Read More »

How to Husk Corn?

For most dishes involving corn, you must husk the corn first. Roast corn on the cob is the one exception, as you can perform this task while the corn is still in the husk. Husking corn is an easy p... Read More »