Instructions for Honing a Cylinder?

Answer A relatively new product called a flex hone can be used to hone the cylinders of old engines and modern, high compression engines. Don't skip any steps. Have a machine shop bore the engine if need ... Read More »

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The Block Cylinder Honing Process?

Choosing a gear ratio for your Chevrolet, or any vehicle, is a subjective process. Gear ratio can have a dramatic impact on vehicle performance and fuel economy. Your gear ratio determines how many... Read More »

Instructions to Change a Master Cylinder?

The master cylinder is the heart of your vehicle's brake system, pumping hydraulic fluid to the brake caliper or wheel cylinder at each individual wheel. Over time, the seals inside the master cyli... Read More »

Brake Master Cylinder Repair Instructions?

An automotive master cylinder takes the input of the brake pedal and uses it to push hydraulic fluid out to the wheel cylinders and brake calipers. After the master cylinder is replaced the brakes ... Read More »

Ignition Lock Cylinder Instructions for a 1990 CRX?

The ignition lock in your 1990 Honda CRX is mounted on the top, right-hand side of the steering column. For security reasons, the cylinder uses two mounting bolts with sheared-off heads. When insta... Read More »