Instructions for Fixing a Sticking Automatic Door Lock Actuator on a F150?

Answer Ford F150 trucks with automatic door locks have an actuator inside each door to open the lock. The remote entry transmits a signal to the actuator which starts a small, direct current motor inside;... Read More »

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Instructions for Removing the Door Lock Actuator on a Ford F150?

The power door lock actuator on a Ford F150 converts the electronic signal from the door lock switch into mechanical energy to move the lock rod up or down. The lock rod, in turn, locks or unlocks ... Read More »

How to Remove a Door Lock Actuator on a 2000 F150?

A door lock actuator controls the power door locks in the 2000 Ford F150 pickup. The actuator assembly is a cylinder containing an electronically-controlled rod that either ejects or retracts depen... Read More »

Door Lock Actuator Instructions?

Door lock actuators are small electrical components housed inside a car door that provide the kinetic energy necessary to lock and unlock the door. The actuator has a small piston inside that eithe... Read More »

What Is a Door Lock Actuator?

A door lock actuator is a device that is found on almost every automobile that controls the locking and unlocking function inside of a car's door. There are a number of companies that offer replace... Read More »