Instructions for Fixing Car Windows?

Answer Auto repairs can cost unlimited time and money to get the job done. Repairing a cracked car window, however, is one repair you can do yourself without having to take your car in for professional re... Read More »

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Instructions for Fixing a Sticking Automatic Door Lock Actuator on a F150?

Ford F150 trucks with automatic door locks have an actuator inside each door to open the lock. The remote entry transmits a signal to the actuator which starts a small, direct current motor inside;... Read More »

Fixing A Stuck Pixel - Alternatives Ways Of Fixing A Stuck Pixel On An LCD Monitor?

There was a recent article online where a PC writer explained how he 'massaged' a stuck pixel to get rid of it. He was setting up his gaming rig when he noticed a tiny stuck pixel in a corner of hi... Read More »

Instructions on Tinting Car Windows?

Car window tints keep away the heat that is caused by the sun. Even if your car is air-conditioned, if you don't have tints, it will still be hot inside because the sun's rays can pass through the ... Read More »

Operating Instructions for Windows Media Center?

Windows Media Center comes pre-installed with Windows 7. The program allows viewers to view Internet TV programs and live broadcast TV programming. To start watching broadcast television programs, ... Read More »