Instructions for Engine Repair?

Answer If you are needing to do some engine repair on your vehicle, then there are some common repair tips that apply to every motor, regardless of the make or model. Knowing how to do some of the more ba... Read More »

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Engine Stand Instructions?

As simple as they are, well-designed engine stands can more than pull their own weight when it comes to working on an engine. The ideal engine stand would be light, strong, cheap, mobile, fit any ... Read More »

Engine Hoist Instructions?

The weight of an engine makes it difficult to remove from a vehicle. An engine hoist consists of an adjustable boom attached to stand with a hinge pin. A hydraulic ram connected to both the boom an... Read More »

HEI Distributor Instructions for a New Engine?

Installing an HEI distributor in a new engine is a simple task, but the engine has to be in exactly the correct position for the HEI distributor to properly fit into the engine. The HEI distributor... Read More »

Instructions for Converting a Gas Engine to Hydrogen?

Hydrogen conversion for cars is a highly complex process that requires a detailed project guidebook. Books for hydrogen conversion are available online from ebook retailers and at bookstores. A pro... Read More »