Instructions for Changing Struts?

Answer Struts keep a car stable and under control when it is being driven. When struts become worn, the car will no longer ride smoothly and will sway, jerk and bounce around, increasing the likelihood of... Read More »

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Instructions for Changing Struts on a Qx4?

Changing the struts on the Infiniti Qx4 will take about two hours for each wheel. It is important that you inspect the struts, shocks and the rest of the suspension system at least once a year on t... Read More »

Instructions for Changing Mercedes C240 Shocks & Struts?

If your Mercedes C240 is bouncing or floating quite a bit as you drive, your shocks or struts may have lost internal pressure and have quit dampening the oscillations of your car's body. If the car... Read More »

How to Tell When Your Front Struts Need Changing?

Struts are the most important part of an automotive suspension systems for several reasons. They are instrumental in providing a comfortable ride, maintaining good handling and taking on much of th... Read More »

How to Tell That Your Front Struts Need Changing on a Honda Civic?

The Honda Civic is a popular car thanks to its reliability, build quality and frugal gas consumption. Most Civics also happen to be fun cars to drive. The front struts on a Civic are critical to it... Read More »