Instructions for Bernzomatic Butane Lighters?

Answer Bernzomatic butane lighters are utility lighters with adjustable flame height and refillable built-in butane chambers that are identical on all models, with the difference between them being the he... Read More »

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How to Weld With a BernzOmatic?

BernzOmatic makes a great line of propane torches that are good for heating metal to loosen threads or any rust present. Their propane torches are also great for soldering electrical and plumbing c... Read More »

How to Use a BernzOmatic OX0225 Gas Torch?

The BernzOmatic 0X2550 is a combination cutting, welding and brazing torch. While it is billed as a cutting torch, it is not a torch that one would use for cutting 3/8-inch steel plate. It is very ... Read More »

How to Weld With a Bernzomatic OX 2250?

The Bernzomatic OX 2250 is not the type of torch that most people associate with Bernzomatic. Instead of the typical propane cylinder topped by a burner wand, this torch operates with two cylinders... Read More »

How to Operate a Bernzomatic 0x0 Cutting Torch 225?

A Bernzomatic 0X0 cutting torch 225 is not like a normal Bernzomatic torch. Normally, when you think of a Bernzomatic torch, you think of a burner wand and valve mounted directly on a gas cylinder.... Read More »