Instructional Designer Salary Range?

Answer An instructional designer plays a key role in the development of educational materials for schools and businesses. These professionals create or find the appropriate teaching material for a variety... Read More »

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What is the salary range of a video game designer?

Video game designers handle a number of tasks including programming, plotting, character development and game play aspects of video games. The salary range for this field, as of 2010, is approximat... Read More »

What is an Interior Designer Space Planner Salary Range?

Interior designersÕ and space plannersÕ salaries vary greatly with years of experience and type of employer (architectural firms tend to pay the most). According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Stati... Read More »

What is an instructional designer?

An instructional designer applies a variety of both technical and communications skills to the overall goal of planning instructional software programs to clearly communicate appropriate content fo... Read More »

Instructional Designer Requirements?

As educators increasingly incorporate computers and software into teaching, the need for educational software continues to grow. An instructional designer assumes a dual role, both as a software d... Read More »