Instruction on Removing Adherent Film From Windows?

Answer Tinted windows in automobiles control glare and provide privacy; likewise, tinted windows in homes and offices do the same. Additionally, house window tints can improve insulation by blocking the s... Read More »

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Removing Dark Film From Windows?

You may have recently gotten a ticket for the film being too dark, or you want to the change the film to a different color or degree of darkness. Removing window film is a challenge, and it leaves ... Read More »

Instructions for Removing Tinted Film From Windows?

Window tinting may be difficult to put on and remove, but it is very helpful for automobiles and their owners. By blocking 99 percent of dangerous ultraviolet rays, the skin of the driver and passe... Read More »

Instruction on Removing U-Joints on a Front Axle Ford 4X4?

A Ford 4X4 vehicle has a front and rear axle that can both be turned by the transmission. The front axle uses a driveshaft to join the axle and the transmission, and there are U-joints mounted on b... Read More »

Removing Window Tinting Film?

Window tinting provides protection from 99 percent of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays and cools the interior of an automobile by 40 to 60 percent. The cooler internal temperature will result in ... Read More »