Instant Home Remedy to Remove Pimples?

Answer It affects 85 percent of teenagers ages 18 to 24, 60 million American suffer from it, and 20 million Americans experience a severe enough case to cause scars. These statistics are about those who s... Read More »

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Pimples Home Remedy?

Pimples may appear in several different forms, including whiteheads, blackheads, pustules, papules and cysts. Although pimples can be treated using medicated lotions and creams found at any drug st... Read More »

A effective home remedy for pimples?

Crushed aspirin and water... Mix it into a paste and put it on the pimple overnight until it is gone..Best of luck!

Whats a quick, home made remedy for pimples?

toothpaste,rubbing alcohol will dry a pimple out, the woman who did my facial once told me to wash my face with lever 2000 and then cleanse my face w/limes (works too).The best though,is chicken ye... Read More »

Home remedy for brown spots on face left by pimples?

u can't remove dark patches that fast; it's ironic because one can tan in a day, but the other can't lighten skin in one treatment; use a mild skin lightening soap and/or cream which i think is you... Read More »