Installing windows 7 over 8 help?

Answer You won't be able to install Win7 over Win8 but during the Win7 installation screens, there should be a "Custom" option for how you want to install Win7. In there you should be able to completely ... Read More »

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Installing Windows XP over Vista?

If XP is not supported and all your hardware is built for Vista then downgrading to XP could be a bad idea. You might find yourself unable to surf the net or use certain hardware because there are ... Read More »

Help me in installing windows 8.?

Hi There,If you boot up from the optical drive with the Windows 8 disk inserted it should format your hard drive and install the operating system. It might scan your hard drive to see what is alrea... Read More »


Hello,steps to fix. 1. plug the usb drive back into a computer in which you can get into windows and edit in notepad. 2. make a folder on the USB drive saying boot 3. copy the boot.ini from the c:\... Read More »

Help installing a primax scanner on windows xp?

Go to: it helped !