Installing fonts?

Answer In windows 981. Go to your 'Control Panel'.2. click on 'Fonts'.3. Click on install Fonts4. Click the folder path in which fonts are kept.5. Then it will retrieve fonts.6. Select all or the font you... Read More »

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TrueType fonts not installing?

How to Change Mac Fonts to PC Fonts?

Newer Mac fonts from the OS X operating system (e.g., TrueType and Postscript Type 1) are compatible with Windows. However, you must convert Mac fonts from OS 9 or earlier (e.g., ac Type 1, Mac Tru... Read More »

What Fonts to Use for APA?

Whether you are writing a college paper or an article for publication in a journal, the appearance of your manuscript can leave a positive or negative impression on its reader. Even if your paper i... Read More »

How do I mix fonts?

Use Font FamiliesCombine one or two headline or accent fonts with a single typeface family meant to be used for body text. An example of a family is Times or Garamond, and each family will contain ... Read More »