Installing daggerfall?

Answer Click on the install and install it...

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Installing RAM help please?

Which motherboard you use.??all depends on capacity of RAM that your could motherboard take, If it has 8 gigs maximum supportThen add 2 gigs and make it 6GB :)Coz most of motherboards have 2 RAM sl... Read More »

About re-installing my O/S?

You can't use the dell dvd it's a recovery disc specifically for your laptop.Restore your Acer to factory settings.After the restore completes use Acer recovery to make your recovery dvd for the fu... Read More »

Help with installing?

It sounds, my friend, like you've downloaded one of The Sims 3 add-on discs. This is why it's asking you to install The Sims 3 first.

Help with installing something?

This installation package you have might be corrupted or your have clicked some wrong file.Here are methods for installation. Try these .Do you know, how to install a software? it is easy and same.... Read More »