Installing a Fuel Pump in a 1984 Chevy Silverado Truck?

Answer The function of the fuel pump mounted on the engine block in a 1984 Chevrolet Silverado truck is to pump fuel from the gas tank to the carburetor. If the fuel pump stops working correctly, then the... Read More »

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How to Install a Fuel Pump in a 1984 Chevy Truck?

1984 Chevrolet trucks use a mechanical fuel pump. The pump is mounted on the engine block and is driven by the camshaft. Depending on engine model, the pump may include a lever or may be operated... Read More »

Instructions for Installing a Fuel Pump in a 96 Silverado?

The “C” and “K” nomenclature began for all Chevrolet pickup trucks in the 1962 model year, with the release of the C10, C15, C20, C30, K10, K15 and K20. The meaning of the letter was simple... Read More »

How to Remove & Replace a Fuel Pump in a 1984 Dodge Pickup Truck?

The 1984 Dodge D150 1/2-ton pickup was equipped with a 225 cubic-inch inline six cylinder or a 318 or 360 cubic-inch V-8. All D-150s used carburetors with mechanical fuel pumps. The fuel pump on th... Read More »

How to Replace a Chevrolet Silverado Pickup Truck Fuel Pump?

The Chevy Silverado engine operates partly through the use of an electric fuel pump that sends fuel to the engine to keep it running smoothly. If the pump becomes clogged or any of the fuses within... Read More »