Installing a Distributor Cap & Rotor for a Dodge Ram SRT-10?

Answer The older distributor cap and rotor on the Dodge Ram SRT-10 does not have marks, so when you replace the cap and rotor, both must be match-marked to the block to ensure you keep the proper ignition... Read More »

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How to Detect a Bad Distributor Cap & Rotor?

The distributor cap and rotor work together to distribute the energy from the coil to each individual spark plug. As the rotor is turned by the distributor shaft, its metal contact passes each indi... Read More »

How to Take Off the Distributor Cap Rotor?

Distributor caps and rotors relay the ignition spark from the distributor to the spark plugs in the proper timing to fire the engine. Most caps and rotors are past their prime at roughly 24,000 mil... Read More »

How to Change a Distributor Cap and Rotor?

The distributor cap and the rotor underneath the cap are very important aspects of your car's ignition system. The spark plug wires are connected to the distributor cap; and as the rotor turns with... Read More »

How to Install a Distributor Rotor and Cap?

Both the distributor and rotor are subject to wear and tear. It's estimated that the rotor will make approximately 45 million revolutions during 30,000 miles. This causes the contacts to wear out a... Read More »