Installing XP with Vista already installed help?

Answer you need to buy the soft ware in order for it to work

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Sims 3 installation help. already installed. then uninstalled now it wont read.?

Puzzling, need help on installing Vista.?

Hi CannIt could be a faulty DVD that cannot read the header. This may be due to mislaigned reading head on your DVD.You should have bought a DVD/CD combo for the same price.

Can Windows 7 be installed as a dual boot with Vista?

It is possible to install Windows Vista and Windows 7 in a dual-boot system. You need to set up a separate hard drive partition for each install, and make certain that your hardware is compatible w... Read More »

Can Acrobat Reader be installed when Acrobat Standard is already installed?

Adobe Reader, sometimes referred to as Adobe Acrobat Reader, can be installed on the same computer as Adobe Acrobat Standard, according to Adobe. Since both programs can open PDF files, the user ma... Read More »