Installing Windows XP over Vista?

Answer If XP is not supported and all your hardware is built for Vista then downgrading to XP could be a bad idea. You might find yourself unable to surf the net or use certain hardware because there are ... Read More »

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Installing Windows Vista on External Hard Drive?

You cannot install or run any windows from a USB drive! miro$osft won't allow it!It is not true that you cannot run any OS from a USB drive! I can run OS-X from a USB HD, and from a USB thumb drive... Read More »

Installing XP and Vista together?

Installing XP and Vista doesnt have any drawback. Having two OS system helps you to retrive data if one OS crashes then from another OS you can easily reterive the data.

Installing vista onto a new hardrive?

Well, you could be adventurous and install Linux... Or you can find a copy of Windows 7 and get a beta key from Windows and use it 'til august...

Trouble installing vista?

Its vista what are you doing trying to fry your pc