Installing Hard Drive In FDD's IDE slot?

Answer FDD is a cheaper HDD that can have SATA and PATA. If you see a socket with 39 or 40 pins than its a PATA.You need to buy thoes "IDE-PATA splinter cable" which allow you to have an extra port.The " ... Read More »

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Installing windows 7 on Hard Drive?

Did you install this new drive yourself?Make sure that the SATA cables are seated properly on the drive. Sound like it is getting power, if you can get the disk in it, but that it is not connected... Read More »

Installing Windows Vista on External Hard Drive?

You cannot install or run any windows from a USB drive! miro$osft won't allow it!It is not true that you cannot run any OS from a USB drive! I can run OS-X from a USB HD, and from a USB thumb drive... Read More »

How can i completely clean my hard drive without re-installing windows.?

I am assuming that you want to clear out the deleted content off your drive...there are a few different methods to do this...but, you must be careful...backup & test any critical data first.Method ... Read More »

Replacing corrupted hard drive...installing Windows XP problems..?

If too many files are copied to the root folder of a boot volume that uses the NTFS file system, you may receive the following error message the next time that you restart the computer:NTLDR is mis... Read More »