Installing Hard Drive In FDD's IDE slot?

Answer FDD is a cheaper HDD that can have SATA and PATA. If you see a socket with 39 or 40 pins than its a PATA.You need to buy thoes "IDE-PATA splinter cable" which allow you to have an extra port.The " ... Read More »

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What Happens When Installing a New Internal Hard Drive?

Whether you're replacing a damaged or obsolete drive or just adding a new drive to your system to increase your storage space, installing an internal hard drive is an upgrade almost anyone can perf... Read More »

Installing windows 7 on Hard Drive?

Did you install this new drive yourself?Make sure that the SATA cables are seated properly on the drive. Sound like it is getting power, if you can get the disk in it, but that it is not connected... Read More »

Need Help Installing My Maxtor hard drive into my computer?

Yes you may be a dork. Or it may just be the case that the particular Dell machine you have isn't capable of running this hardware. Sure they work if they're new and its easy to see it working on a... Read More »

Do I have to format a new hard drive when I'm installing Windows XP?

No u dont need to format, just insert cd and boot from cd to install. It will ask you for partition and formatting while installing