Installing Carpet on Cement?

Answer When installing new carpet over a concrete floor you need to plan ahead and prevent any buildup of moisture under the carpet. Concrete floors can be damp and dispose your carpeting to mold and mild... Read More »

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How do I lay carpet on cement floor?

PreparationCover the entire floor with waterproof paint or sealant. Let that dry, and lay down a waterproof sheet that has dimples. The sheet will make a waterproof barrier and dimples will make sm... Read More »

How do I remove carpet glue from cement?

Initial RemovalUse a floor scraper to remove as much of the carpet glue as possible. A hand scraper has a metal edge you can use to scrape and are available at hardware stores.Applying Adhesive Rem... Read More »

How to Remove Rubber Cement from Carpet?

Rubber cement can accidentally get stuck on the carpet when performing repairs or renovations. Here is how to remove it.

How do I remove carpet tile glue from cement?

Adhesive RemoverPour adhesive remover onto a clean rag, saturating the cloth. Lay the cloth onto the carpet tile glue stain on the cement. Press the rag into the carpet glue, and allow it to soak t... Read More »