Installed new graphics card, now original woulnt work.?

Answer Remove the graphics card again and plug your monitor into the onboard graphics card for the motherboard. It should recognize the monitor again and start displaying. The spec sheet for your PC says ... Read More »

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How are graphics card installed?

Installing a new graphics card is one of the least difficult PC upgrades, according to Installing a new card can help your computer keep up as games' graphics advance.NeededYou will need ... Read More »

So i installed my graphics card but my game isn't any better?…This is the only direct site for drivers by the manufacturer for that card. What you will need to do: 1. Download the file. 2. Delete ALL graphics drivers... Read More »

Installed new graphics card but nothing shows up on monitor?

No it wouldn't be the powersupply unless it's not connected properly ie do the basics and check all the wires are correct and fitted tightly

All of a sudden my AMD graphics card says driver not installed?

It's unlikely to be a dead or dying graphics card because you are still getting an image, but it could be. Does the cable for your monitor plug into the motherboard I/O panel, or does it plug direc... Read More »