Installation time for win7 with sp 1 slipstreamed?

Answer I think a bit less. When you install a service pak the installer spends some time creating a restore point and stopping and restoring processes during the installation. It doesn't need to do that w... Read More »

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64 bit versions of win7 need 2 GB of RAM for installing win7. What wil happen if i install 64 bit version with?

Despite being India, where everything is cut to bare minimum, less than 2GB will be terrible issues. 2GB will install and run unsatisfactory. Other than a few very budget laptops and desktops, 4GB ... Read More »

Would it be safe to install Win7 64Bit on a Win7 32Bit computer?

First, you need to be sure that the computer is capable of supporting a 64-bit operating system. If your processor is a Core2 or higher, it will. If not, you don't have a 64-bit processor so you ... Read More »

IE10, Win7, All downloads with .exe fail as virus?

Hm? Sounds like a virus might have changed your file associations. Right click on the file and change it to and see if that helps.

Problem with unbuntu Win7 dual boot?

Have you tried both shift keys separately? Worst case scenario, you can just load up the Ubuntu install CD and edit your grub settings from it.