Installation problem....plz help?

Answer Check out the basic requirements for your scanner. It may be compatible only upto win xp.

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Windows installation help!?

Seems like your installer is corrupted. The only way to fix that is by getting a better copy.PS: And why would you want to go back to using Windows 2000? If the computer can run Vista, surely it ca... Read More »

Linux installation help?

Linux does not wipe out Windows partitions unless you told it to. if you wanted to experiment, you probably should have run it as a virtual machine to test it out or a Live CD versionwhich runs of... Read More »

Computer Installation Help?

OK, when I first purchased my laptops this year, some of them lodaded Vista quickly and others took as long as 3 hours!?!?!? So, i;m hoping for your sake it didn't lose any temporary files while fi... Read More »

Window 7 installation help!!!?

What operating system did it come with OS?Windows 7 should already be installed.If you have a disk it is only to reinstall OS incase something goes wrong.