Installation of an E36 Factory Interior Mirror?

Answer Rearview mirrors help ensure you have safe visibility at all times. Installing a factory mirror on your E36 BMW's windshield involves gluing a metal mounting button to the glass, and then sliding t... Read More »

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Mazda 3 Factory Fog Light Installation?

The factory fog lights on a Mazda 3 provide heightened visibility when you drive in dense fog by casting the light below the fog so it doesn't refract through the water vapor in the air. The fog li... Read More »

How to Wire a '93 Blazer's Interior Rear View Mirror?

The rear view mirror of your 1993 Chevrolet Blazer may contain electrical components such as a compass or an auto-dimming feature. If so, the mirror will also have a wiring component. Wiring your B... Read More »

Interior Wood Railings Installation?

Installing interior wood railings on your staircase can save you or a loved one from falling down the stairs. Wood railings are simple for a handy homeowner to install. Done correctly, the wood rai... Read More »

1991 Camaro Interior Installation?

When installing interior components in your 1991 Camaro, making sure that all pieces are properly placed and electronics plugged in will make your job simpler, and your interior components will fit... Read More »