Installation of a Tank Fuel Pump?

Answer The fuel pump is designed to push fuel out of the tank and through the fuel line to the fuel injection. When the pump fails the engine will not start. Replacing the fuel pump involves taking the fu... Read More »

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Dual Fuel Tank Installation?

Dual fuel tank installations are done to add spare gas tanks to long haul vehicles, air planes or motorcycles. Dual fuel tank installations add biodiesel tanks to convert a gas-powered vehicle to a... Read More »

How to Add An In-Tank Fuel Pump?

Just about all cars and trucks on the road have an electric fuel pump installed inside the gasoline tank. The fuel pump pulls gasoline from the tank and sends it through the fuel lines of the vehic... Read More »

Volvo S80 Fuel Pump Installation?

When your fuel pump on the Volvo S80 starts to fail, you engine will spit and putter, feel like it is going to stop, and then take off again. Or, the car might just stop altogether. In any case, a ... Read More »

Fuel Pump Removal & Installation?

The fuel pump in an automobile is positioned in the fuel tank. The pump takes a suction on the fuel and pushes it through the fuel lines. The fuel passes through an in-line filter where the debris ... Read More »