Installation of a Shifter Knob on a Ford Ranger?

Answer A Ford Ranger's shifter knob is mostly a cosmetic item. It's essentially a handle used to move the transmission in and out of gear, no matter if the ranger has a manual or automatic transmission. T... Read More »

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How to Remove a Shifter Knob on a 1990 Ford Ranger?

Each 1990 Ford Ranger is equipped with a factory shift knob mounted on the shift lever. The factory shift knob includes an imprint of the shift pattern for your truck’s transmission. If you want ... Read More »

How to Remove a Ford S197 Stock Shifter Knob?

The Ford S197 is a fifth-generation Mustang. The body was redesigned but draws on strong influences from the 1960s Mustangs. The S197 comes equipped with a stock shifter knob that also follows the ... Read More »

How To Remove a Ford Ranger Shifter?

The Ford Ranger's gear shifter can often be in the way. If you need to work on the transaxle, or some of the manual transmission's components, the shifter will have to be removed. As a DIY mechanic... Read More »

How to Change the Gear Knob on a Ford Ranger?

The gear shift knob on the Ford Ranger serves two purposes. First, it holds the gear shift pattern diagram, which is embedded in the top of the shift knob. Second, it provides an ergonomic grip on ... Read More »