Installation of a Cab Corner Patch Panel?

Answer The corners of older trucks are prone to severe rust damage due to the accumulation of dirt, salt and road debris. Repairing large or multiple rust holes requires installing a corner patch panel. P... Read More »

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Is a patch panel a hub?

A patch panel is not a hub. A patch panel is the point to which all available wall jacks in a building connect. From there, each port on the patch panel is wired to a port on the hub. The panel p... Read More »

What Is a Patch Panel?

A patch panel is used in networking, as well as telephone applications. Lines from each user are wired to the patch panel, then the patch panel is connected to a switch. This allows you to quickly ... Read More »

How to Mount a Flat Panel TV in the Corner of a Bedroom?

If you have a new flat panel TV, mounting it in a corner of your bedroom might be just the perfect place for it. Before you install your TV, however, check your wall studs to see if the spacing is ... Read More »

How to Wire a Patch Panel?

Internet connections are common in high density usage areas, such as office buildings and businesses where employees in multiple offices and on multiple floors are wired for Internet service. In hi... Read More »