Installation of Hp 5590 scanner on windows 2000 pc?

Answer Here is the link for your driverLook towards the middle of the page and you wil see "Download HP Driver"…It should work now. :) If not email me, i will get... Read More »

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Driver for Kodak Pakon F235 plus film scanner for windows 2000 or windows XP?

I'm sure someone on the Rangefinder Forums has the software.…

Will a UMAX Astra 2000 P Scanner Work With Windows XP?

yes it will ... if you dont have driver go to and get it.... :) good luck

I am looking for a flatbed scanner but all the ones I am interested in state for Windows 2000 and above.?

Get a HP scanner. The drivers are backward compatible and you should not have any problems whatsoever. The HP G-3110 is a nice inexpensive scanner that even does slides, books etc... Read More »

What is the name of the folder on the windows nt 2000 cd where the installation files are stored?

The "I386" folder on the Windows 2000 installation CD stores the files necessary to install the operating system. This folder can be copied to the hard drive, so that in many cases, if the operatin... Read More »