Installation Motor Mounts on 1993 Honda Accord?

Answer The engine on the 1993 Honda Accord has two motor mounts installed at the front of the engine on the right and left side. Engine mounts keep the engine secured to the frame of the Accord inside the... Read More »

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1993 Honda Accord Window Motor Installation?

The Honda Accord celebrated its 10th anniversary in 1993 by offering such amenities as power locks and power windows. The motors used to power the windows were not built for durability, and over ti... Read More »

How to Replace Honda Accord Motor Mounts?

Motor mounts secure the engine to the frame of the car as well as the engine housing. Taking the car to the shop to have this done by a pro will be time-consuming and costly. This task will require... Read More »

How to Change '98 Accord Motor Mounts?

The motor mounts on the 1998 Honda Accord hold the engine to the frame of the car. The engine mounts use a rubber bushing in the center of the mount to absorb the shock of the engine's normal vibra... Read More »

How often do engine mounts need replacing on a 2001 Honda Accord?

Modern fluid-filled engine mounts typically last 60,000 to 80,000 miles or more, and with Honda's reputation for reliability, the ones on your 2001 Accord should last at least that long. Extreme co... Read More »