Installation Instructions for an ATI Radeon X1600?

Answer Advanced Micro Devices' ATI Radeon X1600 graphics card features high-performance two- and three-dimensional graphics for gaming, multimedia and productivity software. It uses fast DDR (double data ... Read More »

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Radeon 7000 Installation Instructions?

The ATI Radeon 7000 is an AGP slotted graphics card. Though the card is now discontinued, there are plenty in circulation through second-hand trading venues. The card is relatively easy to install ... Read More »

How do I Install an Ati Radeon 9550 Without the Installation CD?

The ATI Radeon 9550 is one of ATI's "budget" video cards--that is, it's not the best nor the worst, but falls somewhere in the middle and is priced accordingly--often included in mid-range gaming c... Read More »

Radeon Saphire X1650 Installation?

The Radeon Sapphire X1650 is a dedicated video card that improves your gaming and graphics experience. If your computer currently shares your onboard memory for core computing and graphics processi... Read More »

How do I install an ATI Radeon 9550 without the installation CD?

Connect to the Internet. Visit the AMD website by typing in or into the address bar of your browser.Click on the "Support & Drivers" link at the top of the AMD website. ... Read More »