Installation Instruction for My 2007 4Runner Sway Bar?

Answer The Toyota 4Runner utilizes a sway bar for both the front and rear ends of the suspension. These are also called stabilizer bars or roll bars, as their purpose is to keep the vehicle stable so it w... Read More »

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How to Remove Old Sway Bar Links on a 4Runner?

The sway bar links on a Toyota 4Runner connect the front sway bar to the lower control arm, which connects both sides of the suspension. The end links have rubber bushings, which can wear down and ... Read More »

Sway Bar Installation?

Sway bars, also known as "stabilizer" or "anti-roll" bars, are one of the more basic suspension pieces that one might ever need to replace. The job requires only basic tools.

Car Thermostat Installation Instruction?

Thermostats are a key component in any car’s cooling system. The thermostat regulates coolant flow through the engine, hoses and radiator by remaining closed until the engine reaches operating te... Read More »

Sway Bar Installation Instructions?

The sway bar on your truck or jeep prevents the body of the vehicle from swaying while you drive. While you are off the road, the sway bar allows the car to limit the amount of articulation. To mak... Read More »