Installation Guides for a Truck Tool Chest?

Answer Many vocations require tools on the job site, which means transporting them daily or having them readily at hand. For large tool assortments, truck bed tool chests come in handy. Truck tool chests ... Read More »

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Who invented the tool chest?

Tool chests have probably been in use since the advent of specialty trades that required multiple tools, such as carpentry. Manufactured tool chests date to the 1800s, including children's tool ch... Read More »

How to Install a Truck Tool Box?

Commonly constructed of aluminum, a truck tool box keeps your smaller implements and hardware organized and out of the sight of would-be-thieves. Truck tool boxes have a standard mounting system th... Read More »

How to Mount a CB Antenna on a Truck Tool Box?

Citizens' Band radios are a favored truck accessory because they allow you to stay in touch, within short ranges, when other communication systems are down or not available. Because these radios ar... Read More »

Truck Carpet Installation?

Trucks are often used for heavy-duty work or play. From work boots and mud to hiking boots a dirt, the floor of a truck can become extremely worn and dirty. In many cases, the carpet of a truck dev... Read More »