Instagram couldn't refresh feed error help?

Answer The server is down or they're doing some kind of update.. Mines been the same for a few hours and I thought it was something to do with my connection etc... After looking it up on google it seems e... Read More »

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My instagram feed won't load!?

Instagram servers are down.. An outage of Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud in North Virginia has taken down Netflix, Pinterest, Instagram, and other services. According to numerous Twitter updates ... Read More »

If you make a comment on your own photo on instagram, does it come up on other people's "following" feed?

I cannot refresh my desktop.Please help?

U have to reinstall the OS again or you should have a programme to repair the OS. There is no other go.You need to format only default C drive and not other backup partition drives.

Which is better for your eyes a monitor that supports a 75 hz refresh rate or a 60 hz refresh rate?

For a CRT, I find 75 hz much better, particularly when under florescent lighting. Since the lights run at 120 hz, the monitor can get into a 'synch' with the lights which creates moire patterns on ... Read More »