Instagram and Facebook help?

Answer Take a screen pic of it. I have the 4 gen. Yours might be different buttons but on mines you press the home key and lock key at the same time. When the screen flashes...that means it worked. Then y... Read More »

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Instagram vs Facebook... Which is better?

I like Instagram better. Why? Because on Facebook all anyone would ever post was pictures, and stupid ones at that. Those ones that were like, "Like for Heaven, Ignore for Hell" etc. Instagram has ... Read More »

What's the difference between Instagram & facebook?

facebook is a site where you add friends, talk to them, talk about what you're doing/post pictures from your life and let people comment on them/you comment on theirs.instagram is like twitter but ... Read More »

Facebook and Instagram randomly asking for ID?

The email confirmation takes up to 24 hours to be sent to you.... then Facebook has to verify the id and what have you which could take up to a few days. Hang in there... they will get to it.... th... Read More »

Instagram/Facebook Question?

That depends on whether Burbn and Facebook would let you...