Inspiron 5000E Specifications?

Answer The Inspiron 5000e is a laptop released by Dell in the late 1990s. It came equipped with either a Celeron or Pentium III chip. Weighing 7.5 pounds, it was not feather-light, but it was marketed as ... Read More »

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Specifications for a Inspiron 4150 Laptop?

Introduced in 2002, the Dell Inspiron 4150 was a laptop that Dell Inc. designed for entry-level, basic users.

Dell XPS Inspiron M140/630M Specifications?

The Dell XPS Inspiron M140/630M was marketed as the M140 for consumers and the 630M for business customers. It is a laptop computer introduced by Dell Computers in 2005. This computer was one of th... Read More »

Technical Specifications for a Dell Mini Inspiron?

The Dell Inspiron Mini is a netbook--a smaller, less expensive version of a laptop--that Dell Inc. introduced in 2008. As of August 2010, there are two versions--the Inspiron Mini 10 and the Inspir... Read More »

Dell Inspiron 6000 Product Specifications?

Dell released the Inspiron 6000 in 2005 for standard business and home users. Dell designed it with a sleek silver color and with portability and power in mind. At 13.9 inches wide, 10.2 inches lon... Read More »