Inspirational Lessons for Kids?

Answer Children learn life lessons by living life -- going to school, interacting with peers and adults, making mistakes and being asked to make up for those mistakes. With each road block, a mature adult... Read More »

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Astronomy Lessons for Kids?

Astronomy is the study of objects and matter outside of the Earth's atmosphere. Beginning when a child is young, teaching him the basics of astronomy and building on it as he gets older can help h... Read More »

Lessons on the Last Supper for Kids?

Each of the New Testament Gospels contains an account of the Last Supper, although they may differ in some details and wording. Jesus and his 12 disciples celebrated the meal together in the Upper ... Read More »

At Home Kids Art Lessons?

Your child may not be destined to be the next Rembrandt or Van Gogh, but teaching him the basics of art is an important aspect of early childhood education. Art lessons provide your child with an e... Read More »

Thanksgiving Lessons for Kids?

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, it is the perfect time to take advantage of the seasonal activities and lessons associated with the fall. Teaching kids about Thanksgiving and letting them h... Read More »